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From a young age I was attracted to the piano in our living room and began taking lessons from Tino Snijtsheuvel at the age of seven. As a young adolescent rock took my interest more and more and I switched over to guitar (basics taught by Elmar Sprockel) and formed the band KinK in 2002. Later Michel Wijlaars expanded my guitar skills. This band became the intelligent punk rock band KinK vs KinK with Pim vd Mijl and Rick Tegelaers, in which in I began developing my own songwriting style and recording techniques. The band broke up in 2009.

This gave me the space to explore all kinds of genres and instruments, like playing keys in the atmospheric death metal-band Stygian Sun, making experimental hip hop/breakbeats with Leuk, I learned to play gypsy jazz with L’Esprit Du Swing, started the Pirate metal-band Shtack and played at the main stage at Parkfeesten Venlo 2009 with the band of “Hollands Got Talent”-winner Tessa Kersten.That same year I got admitted to Arcus College KTM, Heerlen to study all styles of pop music on guitar and various other instruments. I graduated in 2012 and began my own company, Kink-studio.

Now I play (live) in many bands, I have a recording studio in which bands/artists record, I produce and mix (live and studio). Some bands I play in are Fin De Siècle (folk-pop), Scarescone (semi instrumental (hard-)rock), Shtack (pirate-metal), David Emerald Swingtette (gypsy jazz), Ijdi (world music fusion) & Ramblin’ Rose & The Wanted (old skool jazz/folk).


All released music I created or contributed to.


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